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"Dennis Sy - An Intelligent And Nuanced Artist"

Jamsphere Magazine

"Life Is What You Make It - dramatic, theatric, expressive and insightfully positive"

Sleepingbag Studios

"Can She Stay - beautiful song, exuding a contagious, elegantly refined melody along with emotive lyrics and Sy's hushed mellow voice."

Huffington Post

"Dennis Sy Inspires With Single Shine On"

"One day...I tell ya...there's going to be a father that chooses to either walk his daughter officially down the aisle to this song or set this melody as background to the traditional father-daughter dance...and very shortly thereafter Dennis Sy is going to answer for an entire flood of tears."

Sleepingbag Studios

"Optimistic to its very core, Dennis Sy's Shine On is a song of pure hope."