Vocals: Dennis Sy, Natalie Jean, Darick DDS Spears

Rap Lyrics: Darick  DDS Spears

Music and Words: Dennis Sy

Music Production: Adrian Morales

Vocal Production: Dennis Sy

Digital Single Release: September 15, 2016

RAP Vs 1.

Give me a second to catch my wind

Where do I begin?

Some say it's a sin because of my skin.

Some say it's us men who need to repent.

Showing hatred towards one another with no conviction.

Just listen!

I'm tired of these divisions,

To social classes and status we all fall victim.

No more police brutality,

No more killings.

Can I get a witness?
Raise your hands to the ceiling.

Let's climb on,

No place like home,

Get ya shine on!

Verse 1

You look at me and I hesitate

What’s in your eyes…what’s mine to break

Our worlds collide yet it seems to say

We’re worlds apart in this little space

Verse 2

It’s calling out and I’m taken in

It’s in the stars…I know it’s time to begin

I see the road ahead…the one with shades of grey

There’s no turning back…the wall’s for us to break


Shine on…Shine Through

Gotta give a little bit of you

For a better world & a better day

You know it’s true

When it all comes down to you

The time is now for us to change

RAP Vs 2.

Worlds collide,

Culture shock.

Impulse skips a beat,

That could make your heartbeat stop.

We look different on the outside,

But that should be the attraction.

Smile to smile,

Hand to hand interaction.

Verse 3

The questions asked…the voices heard

What’s in the past..the lessons learned

Beyond the doubts there’s a choice to make

Must we toe the line or do we stand for change

(Repeat Chorus)


Moments have come and gone and yet it stays the same

Finding what’s in your heart…that love remains

(Repeat Chorus)

“This song wakes us up and helps us to understand that skin color and every other difference we have, should never cause killing and mayhem. As it is far more important for us to put our differences aside, so that we can work together towards having a future that is bright. As we set good examples for our children and stop the hate so that love can shine through.

“That song is the TODAY "We Are the World!"  Why?  Because it charges us to unite as people and be better.  Besides the music fusion with real message Hip Hop, I hear many genres of music laced within including musical theatre, inspirational, country and pop and it definitely reflects the different regions of the USA.  I love it!.

Shonnese C. L. Coleman

Producer & Host - Radio Theater For Your Soul

The Artists

Dennis Sy

Dennis Sy is an award-winning singer and BMI songwriter and GRAMMY member based in New Jersey, with a vocal quality and style that effortlessly moves across various music genres - from pop, rock, adult contemporary to jazz.

Songs from his 3rd solo album STRONGER THAN BEFORE have garnered multiple nominations and awards from organizations like the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, American Songwriting Awards, Global Music Awards.  STRONGER THAN BEFORE and I’VE BEEN SEARCHING, 2 songs from the same album, were also on the 2014 and 2015 GRAMMY ballot.

Such high praise has taken Sy to places few artists ever get the opportunity to visit, such as Carnegie Hall. Over his 23 year career, Sy’s also played stages in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the Mohegan Sun Casino.

You can take the Filipino out of the Philippines, but you can never take the Philippines out of the Filipino and Sy continues to incorporate his unique heritage into his art. To that end, he received the 2011 Outstanding Artist Award from the Filipino American National Historical Society, New York Chapter.

For the single SHINE ON, he has brought together his fellow GRAMMY member friends, Natalie Jean and Darick DDS Spears, to collaborate on a song that delivers a message of positivity and hope in the midst of unrest in today's social climate.

Natalie Jean

Natalie Jean is a talented award winning singer/songwriter performer from Kensington, MD.

In April of 2013, Natalie released her first CD entitled, Obsession. In 2014, she released her second album, a self-titled Jazz album, “Natalie Jean.” In 2015, she released a French pop album called “Lecons D’amour.

Her albums have made it on the 2014 and 2015 Grammy ballot. She has appeared on WPFW, a Jazz station in Washington DC. She writes and sings for many different genres such as Rap, Country, Dance, Pop, Jazz, R&B, and Heavy metal. From 2014 to present, she has been nominated over thirty times for her music and has won awards for several Indie music awards and contest. Most recently she is a Bronze Medal and Silver medal winner in the Pop category in the Global Music Awards for her French album and her Pop single, “Looking Back.”. Also, she is nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in the female vocal category. Currently, she is a semi-finalist in the 2016 UK Songwriting Contest. She has also been nominated in several categories in the 2016 Josie Music Awards. Her new album, “Unafraid,” was released on July 8, 2016.

She is a passionate singer. You can feel every note when she sings. Natalie can also sing in French, Spanish, and Creole. Natalie Jean is mostly influenced by artist such as Lena Horne, Celine Dion, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Darick DDS Spears

For Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Darick DDS Spears, music is at his core. Whether it's rocking a mic as an MC, or behind the boards in a studio; Darick "DDS" Spears is solidifying a mark in the music industry with his lyrical strength and musical intensity. His music always adds a dose of spirituality uniquely putting him in his own lane. Unique, unapologetic, and original.

In September 2014 he released his nationwide debut full album "The World is Yourz,"Following the successful reception of Darick DDS Spears’s 2014 The World Is Yourz album, the man spent the year playing shows around the Midwest, New York, and even L.A. "The World is Yourz," received praise from, calling it one of the "25 Best albums to Listen to for Productivity.” In this album DDS writes about true life experiences, including relationships, motivation and community issues.

When Darick decided it was time to start recording his second album, he found the songs that shared some emotional states and community narrative threads. In June 2015, Darick released the a powerful social EP album called The One Love Project. He dedicated this album for the people. Inspired by what's going on in the world today: police brutality, crime, injustice, religion. The One Love Project’s first song Cop Killuz, has been nominated for a Global Peace Award in Hip Hop June 2016.

Darick DDS Spears produces, writes, performs and arranges his own album.

Musically, his label Elevator Muzik Group, both polishes and expands their listeners approach. With his recent release Breathe the 22 track album has been nothing but a breath of fresh air in music and Hip Hop. Tracks like Mr DDS , Body In Motion, & Hip Hop (in da Park) Remix and already fan favorites

"Shine On" ...  is the right song for the world at this time. The message in the music is perfect and hearts will be ready to receive it. So that the change we need will start happening before it is too late.”



Winner Best Song (Pop) - Akademia Awards September 2016

Silver Medal Winner - Global Music Awards 2016

Finalist - Australian Independent Music Awards 2016


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